Tuesday, June 27, 2017


My name is Lana. I'm a twenty-something single mother. I live in a tiny town where people know what you've eaten for breakfast and it's impossible to find someone you haven't already met. 

I'd classify myself as a bit of hippie, I suppose. Only cleaner. Keeping the peace has become a lifestyle for me. I would rather hide in my apartment from human existance than to have conflict and crippling social anxiety. Ya feel me? 

I enjoy being a mother to my toddler son, who we'll just call "A". Scary movies, music, drawing, long drives, trips to the lake, and an occasional vodka slushie.
What else is there to do in a small town, right? ;) 

Anyhoo. I'm new to the blogging world. Thought it might be theraputic & fun! Join me as I figure life out one day at a time. Follow me on my social media outlets found on the sidebar of my home page, I follow everyone back! Looking forward to blogging with y'all!