Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Night I Pissed Myself

It was a night like any other. Last night, actually. 
It was around 11 PM. My little one was fast asleep, I had taken a hot bubble bath and decided to watch a scary movie. 

I'm a huge horror film fanatic. Old or new, I'm down to watch. Mind you, I do live alone with my son in an apartment complex that is a little, you know, sketchy. That's not the point, though. I'm never afraid. I come equipped with ball bats & tasers. 

It's no exaggeration when I say that I am introverted AF. I will do almost anything to avoid contact with human life. It's just who I have become. Movies & alone time at night are what I live for. So the surprise that was headed my way was a little unnerving.

I popped in the DVD and made myself a cup of hot tea with honey. Slumped into the couch, and found my eyes fixated on the psychopathic thriller playing in front of me. It was just starting to get good... 30 minutes in.

And then.

Knock. Knock. Knock. 

What the fuck? I don't have friends. It's late & I'm in my underwear. My heart sunk into my ass. I sat there in terror. 


Knock. Knock. Knock.

I immediately muted the TV and stood up to tip-toe to the door. I stubbed my pinky toe (which is a little comparable to child birth) on a toy car and wanted to cry, but I trooped through it and made it ever so quietly *not* to the door. I peered through my peephole. 

An older man, bearded & gray. Late 40s, early 50s. Just standing there. Glaring at my front door. He resembled Steven Avery from Making a Murderer.

This is it. 
I thought in my oversized t-shirt and ugly floral underwear.
This is the end. 

But guess what, y'all? Unlike every woman to ever appear in a horror film, I didn't open the door. I didn't say a word. I watched through my peephole until he turned around and walked down the steps outside.  

At first, I wanted to blame the movie for making me so panicked. But in reality, I survived because of it. I'm still unaware of who that man was. He was most likely drunk and stumbled upon the wrong apartment. I'm just hoping he doesn't come back for the sequel I will be watching tonight....  

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