Saturday, July 1, 2017

Traffic Isn't the Problem

I've always read and overheard stories about how road rage really starts. 

But let me tell you why traffic isn't the problem if you live in a small town. 

The population isn't large enough for a road to be congested longer than 10 seconds. Cool, right? However, there are plenty of downfalls of being on the road in a tiny place. 

1. Backroads. While being scenic, chances are you might get stuck behind a tractor, school bus, or your mail man. 

2. Deer. I know that they're practically everywhere. But for some reason, deer really love to pop up around my neck of the woods. Mid-day or late night, get ready to have a mini heart attack when you have to swerve away from hitting them. COWS ARE ALSO AN ISSUE.

3. Lawnmowers. They will cross at crosswalks.

4. Navigation. You can't get lost, but as soon as you travel outside the county line, you're fucked. 

5. Trains. The quickest way to lose your shit is waiting for it to pass. & the only radio station you can pick up is playing the same cliche country song that you hate.  

Can you relate to the small town struggle? Or are you a victim of big city traffic?
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